Screen: Secure Chat


You don’t have to worry about the security anymore! All Shoutout messages are encrypted and safe! As a swiss company it’s a must for us to offer you the best standard and maximum security.

You as a user don’t have to think about the security and confidentiality anymore! Our app works in compliance with legal standards of the EU-GDPR (Impl. 27. May 2018)

If you don’t know how encrypted messaging works, here is a short introduction: Your recorded message will be transformed in a code before sending and encoded once the message arrives to the recipient. This code consists in replace the message in random characters to make external interventions unuseful and unreadable. The code is then correctly decrypted by arriving by the desired recipient.

The encryption of the messages can’t be disabled intentionally or involuntary in the application because it doesn’t even exist as an option in the settings, so it can’t be deactivated. The messages are definitely always encrypted and you as a user do not have to do anything else for secure messages.

For Shoutout was it important to bring an app that uses only encrypted messages and at the same time you don’t have to pay for it. So we keep secure messaging as a standard free available for all.