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Screen: Chat Front



Designed for comfort handling

Keep in touch with your friends easily by sending them audio messages with Shoutout.

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Screen: Voice features!



Voice features

Listen to the message again before sending or modify your voice with cool features! 

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Screen: Memos



Create your own voice library 

Save your notes and share them with your friends!

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Screen: Background Recording


Background Recording

Leave the app and keep recording your voice message. 

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Screen: Secure Chat


Secure messages

You don’t have to worry about the security anymore! All Shoutout messages are encrypted and safe! As a swiss company it’s a must for us to offer you the best standard and maximum security.

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What is Shoutout?


Shoutout is a free voice chat that lets you keep in touch with your friends and family quickly and easily. It is available and compatible for iOS, Android. We save you long writing and misunderstanding using only voice messages. Leave the app and still record your message in the background, listen to the message again before sending, share your pictures and location with your friends and modify your voice with cool features.


Why Shoutout?


SINGLE AND GROUP CHAT: Start your first chat with individual friends or group chat to keep in touch with multiple people at the same time. Send a voice message, an image or your location! Who needs text and voice messages in the same chat today? The new way of communicate are the voice messages! With a beautiful design and easy handling for anyone is the app definitely the future of mobile communicate!

SOUND EFFECTS: Listen to the message again before sending, delete them or set them cool effects like a Mickey Mouse voice or in slow motion. And stay tuned for more effects in the future!

BACKGROUND RECORDING: Easily record your messages even when you leave the app so you always stay flexible. Record your audio and use it as a help for example, by surfing the internet, commenting pictures or plans, or highlighting the audio with music from your library.

NOTES: Save your notes, listen to them later and share them with your friends. Use the practical function BACKGROUND RECORDING to maximize the potential.

SECURE MESSAGES: For Shoutout was it important to bring an app that uses only encrypted messages and at the same time you don’t have to pay for it. So we keep secure messaging as a standard free available for all. You as a user don’t have to think about the security and confidentiality anymore! Our app works in compliance with legal standards of the EU-GDPR (Impl. 27. May 2018). If you don’t know how encrypted messaging works? Read here.

Shoutout offers you a new way to communicate and simplifies communication with your friends and family. We continuously strive to improve and we want you to thank you again and again with new features for your loyalty.


The new messenger app is now available for Android & iOS!



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